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Why ABC-Plan

No need for costly customization - our solution is cloud-based & ready to use.
ADVANCED algorithm for accurate inventory planning and optimization
Budget-friendly and the most cost-effective planning solution on the market by far
Configurable and adaptable to your specific value chain structure

How it works

Tell us about your desired supply planning process

Our solution automates your end-to-end supply plan with precise algorithms. Also, it can be configured to accommodate jurisdiction regulatory constraints, and can help you predict expiry risks.

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We’ll grant you access to the system and fully assist with setting up your product structure.
We’ll provide training to help you fully utilize all features, as well.

Enjoy your new simplified supply planning process!

Incorporate scenario planning into your existing plans.
Mitigate risks with expiry alerts and internal discussions.
Utilize Data and charts at your fingertips for LRP and SO&P.
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What makes it great

● Integrate BOM and your supply chain network with our exclusive graphing interface.
● Design time-phased multi-level value chains from multiple sources.
● Streamline new product development and the product life cycle.

● Streamline your supply plans and optimize inventory.
● Utilize scenario planning and comparison to support key decisions.
● Ensure your supply plan’s compliance with jurisdiction regulations.

● Stay on top of current and future material expiration risks.
● Project when and where materials will be consumed.
● Reduce material expiration and obsolescence through proactive risk management.

● Simplify complex data into intuitive visual format.
● Enhance the clarity and impact of your message.
● Integrate graphs into your presentations or export them for further analysis.

Why our clients love us

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ABC-Plan vs. Alternatives

not needed
self-set up
done by a third party
Implementation time
1 day
6-12 months
Supply planning
Inventory optimization
User interface
intuitive and easy to use
Expiry projection
less precise
Regulatory constraint
not available
QA constraint
Supplier phase-in & phased-out
system admin intervention
Scenario planning
built-in capabilities
Time-phased planning
built-in capability
not available

How did we know how to do it?
We’ve been there.

June Osofsky
Co-Founder & CEO
June co-founded ABC-Plan with 18 years of experience in supply chain planning and analytics in the pharmaceutical industry. She recognized a gap in the market for tools that address the unique challenges faced by the pharmaceutical supply chain, as existing solutions were either too costly or inadequate. Through firsthand experience, June saw the detrimental effects of poor supply plans, including near-miss stock-outs and excess inventory write-offs. To address this unmet need, June drew on her domain expertise and the latest SaaS technology to create a solution for pharmaceutical companies.

June holds a Master’s degree in Management Science & Engineering from Stanford University.
Michael Osofsky
Co-Founder & CTO
With several successful Silicon Valley start-ups under his belt, co-founder Michael Osofsky is an experienced SaaS professional with the deep technical skills required to build this powerful solution. He is an expert in making analytical tools that work for business users, having cofounded NetBase, the leading social media analytics company. To ensure the technology meets user needs at each stage of development, he rigorously employs the practice of Behavior Driven Development (BDD).

Michael has a bachelor’s degree in Computer Science from UC Berkeley and an MBA from MIT Sloan School of Management.

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